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          Shareate Tools Canada at PDAC 2023 in Toronto

          Shareate canada team spent great time last week at PDAC 2023, in Toronto.PDAC 2023: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention is the leading event for people, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration.Thanks to everyone who joined us, hope to see you next time!

          International Women's Day

          In celebration of International Women's Day, Shareate Group organized a flower arrangement event with the theme of "Charm of Blooming Flowers, Fragrance Fills Shareate".

          Shareate Group Expands Rock Drill Range With Acquisition of Hoph Strove Rock Tools

          “This acquisition will strengthen Shareate’s offering of rock drills and promote Shareate to become the leader and expert of rock drilling tools in China.” says Richard Wu, Shareate’s President and CEO. “We look forward to welcoming Hoph to Shareate.”

          Shareate at CIMBC22 Convention & Expo in Vancouver

          Thanks to everyone who joined us at CIMBC22 in Vancouver. We had a wonderful time with many visitors and some interesting talks about our products. Our next stop will be CME 2022, 8th to 9th June 2022, in Timmins. Hope to see you there!

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